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Introducing the QR Code Business Card Black – effortlessly share vital information with a simple touch or scan. This innovative solution allows you to instantly exchange contact details, social media connections, company websites, and more, all through the power of a sleek black QR code business card. Say goodbye to traditional paper cards and embrace the convenience of digital networking. With the QR Code Business Card Black, making lasting connections has never been easier.

  • Introducing the Black QR Code Business Card – In today’s interconnected world, networking is essential. With the power of NFC or QR technology, you can effortlessly exchange contact information and more, all through your personalized Justagg page!
  • Seamless Compatibility – Our QR Code Business Card Black is compatible with Android, Apple, and QR code readers, ensuring that anyone can access your information. For iPhone users, simply tap near the front top of the device, while Android users can tap at the bottom center. And for additional compatibility, we’ve included a QR code on the card itself.
  • Productivity at Your Fingertips – Our innovative dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your “Tap Analytics.” Discover when people save your contact information, monitor the number of contacts and devices you’ve connected with, and identify which links on your page attract the most attention. Stay on top of your networking game with actionable insights.
  • No Apps, No Hassle – The best part? The recipient doesn’t need to download any apps or have a Justagg account to receive your information. Our Black QR Code Business Card simplifies the process, making it convenient for both you and your contacts.
  • Embrace the Future of Networking – Step into the digital age with our QR Code Business Card Black . Leave a lasting impression with a sleek, professional design that incorporates cutting-edge technology. Experience the ease and efficiency of online business card QR codes without compromising on style.
Unlock the potential of effortless networking. Order your Black QR Code Business Card today and revolutionize the way you connect with others!
• To scan Justagg with just a tap, you need iPhone 7 and newer or any Android with NFC. • Is my phone Justagg compatible? Check the full list of compatible devices here. • To exchange information with older phones, you can use your Justagg QR code! Either way, you can always share your profile without the other person needing Justagg or an app. • Justagg can be placed anywhere and on any phone, regardless of whether it has NFC or not.
• All orders come with tracking right to your door! 📦 • 7-10 days delivery for orders in India for products in stock.

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