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JUSTAGG Custom Digital Business Card


NOTE: Designing starts after Checkout

Fully Customizable




All orders come with a free lifetime JUSTAGG Profile access. Setup instructions are sent after purchase.

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Introducing the New Way to Network: Make a memorable impression with just a tap. The popular JUSTAGG Card is the modern alternative to traditional paper business cards.

Enhance Your First Impression: Utilizing lightning-fast NFC technology improves your ability to exchange and store contact details, automate follow-ups, analyse connections, and more.

Smart NFC and QR Technology: Simply opening your camera app or tapping the JUSTAGG Card with most smartphones allows new connections to easily view and save your contact information and JUSTAGG Page.

Reduce Paper Waste: Bid farewell to constantly ordering business card refills and embrace a single card for all your networking and sales endeavours.

Simplify Brand Promotion: Customize your JUSTAGG Card to direct individuals to specific websites, social media profiles, portfolios, and beyond.

Discover JUSTAGG Social: Featuring a protective dome-shaped outer layer of clear epoxy, JUSTAGG SOCIAL ensures durability in various environments, encouraging creative placement on any surface.

Highlighted Features: Environmentally friendly, minimizing paper waste Resistant to scratches and water damage Fully customizable design Embedded NFC chip supports over 100,000 scans Made from matte-finish polyvinyl Includes QR code scanning capability Compatible with iOS and Android devices Offers in-house fulfilment services Utilizes eco-friendly, recyclable materials Backed by dedicated customer support

For details on supported devices, visit https://justagg.com/faq/.


  1. Tap to Share
    Two ways to share your JUSTAGG Profile, tap your JUSTAGG device to a phone or scan the QR code. 
  2. Open JUSTAGG
    JUSTAGG profiles are viewed directly in a browser, making it simple to share your contact info with anyone. 
  3. Save to Contacts
    The contact card is downloaded directly to the phone.

JUSTAGG devices allow you to share info to nearly any smartphone (iPhone or Android) as long as the phone can scan QR codes.

For the tap-to-share functionality built into JUSTAGG devices, you can tap to iPhone XR, XS, 11, 12, 13, and 14 models, as well as most Androids.

*Android receivers must have their NFC turned on in their settings.

You can also use your in-app JUSTAGG QR code to share to any smartphone.

Either way, you can always share your profile without the other person having JUSTAGG.

See our full list of compatible devices here:

Full list of compatible devices.

  1. Provide Design: Shortly after your order, you’ll receive an automated email to submit your design brief and logo. This is your opportunity to start shaping your custom card.
  2. Review Mockups: Our design team will prepare and share mockups based on your inputs. Enjoy the flexibility of unlimited revisions until your card’s design meets your exact expectations.
  3. Unbox, Setup, and Connect: Once your design is finalized, we ship your personalized card. Unbox it, tap to set up your profile, and start networking with your unique and impressive business card.

Pro Tip: For an extra personal touch, consider sending your logo, name and designation if required at max because other details can be saved digitally.

Turnaround: The process depends on how quickly you review and confirm your design. Once you confirm your design, it takes 1-2 business days to finish your card’s Finishing.

All orders come with tracking right to your door! 

5-7 days delivery for orders in India for products in stock.

The Most Powerful Digital Business Card

We’re changing the way people connect forever. Be part of the next wave of digital business innovation with JUSTAGG. One simple tap to instantly share all your business and contact information. No app is required.

Share instantly. Stay connected.

Grow your business, and let the trees grow too.

Why JUSTAGG Stands Out

Custom Design

One-Time Purchase

Update Info Anytime

Cost Effective

Saves A Tree

Real Time Analytics

Unique User Experience

Endlessly Reuseable


Paper Business
Cards 🥱

Your Questions, Answered

Introducing JUSTAGG, where a single tap seamlessly transfers your customizable profile – from bio to business info – onto any phone. No apps, no subscriptions, just pure connection. With options like JUSTAGG card and JUSTAGG Social, it’s your catalyst to sparking meaningful conversations.

Absolutely not! Your JUSTAGG Device stands alone, purpose-built for seamless connectivity.

Once activated, your JUSTAGG Device effortlessly transfers your personalized profile. A simple tap triggers a notification on the recipient’s phone, leading them directly to your JUSTAGG Profile in their browser. From there, they can save your contact details instantly.

No apps required. We’re firm believers that hassle-free contact sharing enhances the networking journey.

No fuss, no frills, just smooth sailing. Your JUSTAGG Device unlocks the door to instant connections, hassle-free.

Absolutely not! Unlike your go-to streaming platforms, we at dot don’t keep you guessing. A single investment in a JUSTAGG Device is your ticket to a lifetime of seamless connections via your JUSTAGG Profile!

Anyone who tap your Justagg card, or receive your profile link can see your profile info. Your Justagg profile will be hosted by us as Justagg cards as a public webpage thus every people you connect can see your profile info. This will be your personal website.

The same technology is used by both our tags and our iconic cards to share your contact information, social media accounts, and other URLs. The main difference is that the Justagg cards offer you a high-end alternative to your traditional paper business card while the Justagg tags are designed to be attached to any places, such as your mobile phone.

6 Reasons to Upgrade Today!

Integrated NFC

Tap your card onto a smartphone and instantly share your contact details.


Update your profile on the fly to suit any new potential connection you meet.

QR technology

No NFC? No Problem! Scan the QR code using the device camera.

Cross compatible

All the traditional contact information is included, both digitally and printed.

Wow effect - included

Amaze your future connections with the fastest and coolest way to share information.

Tree friendly

By switching to digital solution, less tree is being cut for our networking needs.

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